The mission of Fly Fishing Team USA ("FFTUSA") is to educate and train men and women in the sport of competitive fly fishing on both national and international levels and to promote, and educate its members in the conservation of our fisheries, lakes, rivers and streams. The FFTUSA will select a team of qualified anglers to represent the United States of America at national and international fly fishing competitions, including the world fly fishing competition held each year by the International Sport Flyfishing Federation ("FIPS-Mouche") which is an arm of the International Angling Confederation ("CIPS"). The team selected by the FFTUSA will represent the USA with honor and dignity and will display sportsmanship to Olympic standards with respect for their fellow members and competitors from around the world.


2018 NY Regional - Lake Placid, NY

October 6 - 7th, 2018

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Selection Document

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World Championships

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